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  • Appearance: Hart's tongue fern is a perennial evergreen fern with a distinctive appearance. It features strap-like fronds that are undivided and resemble the shape of a tongue, hence the common name. The fronds are typically glossy, dark green in color, and can reach lengths of up to 24 inches. The plant does not produce flowers or seeds, but reproduces through spores.

  • Habitat and Range: Hart's tongue fern is native to Europe and can be found in various habitats, including woodlands, rocky slopes, and shaded areas. It prefers well-drained, moist soil and thrives in areas with moderate to high humidity. Hart's tongue fern is widely cultivated and grown in gardens and landscapes worldwide.

  • Garden and Landscape Use: Hart's tongue fern is highly valued for its ornamental qualities and is often cultivated in gardens and landscapes. It adds a unique texture and form to shady areas, rock gardens, or woodland settings. The evergreen nature of the fern provides year-round interest, making it an attractive choice for gardeners seeking foliage plants that offer visual appeal even during the winter months.

  • Cultural Significance: Hart's tongue fern has a long history of cultural significance. In some folklore and traditional beliefs, it has been associated with protection against evil spirits and used in various rituals. The fern's unique appearance and resilience have made it a symbol of strength and endurance in different cultures.

  • Conservation Status: In its native range, hart's tongue fern is protected or classified as a species of conservation concern in some regions due to habitat loss and disturbance. It's important to respect and preserve populations of hart's tongue fern in their natural habitats, and if you choose to cultivate it, consider sourcing from reputable nurseries and avoiding collection from the wild.

  • Hart's tongue fern, with its distinctive appearance, cultural significance, and suitability for shaded gardens, adds elegance and a touch of natural beauty to landscapes. Its adaptability to different soil types and ability to thrive in shaded conditions make it a desirable choice for gardens seeking to incorporate ferns or woodland plants.
  • SPREAD 30-45 CM
  • HEIGHT 30-40 CM

Care Instructions

Different plants have different watering needs. Check the soil moisture by inserting your finger about an inch into the soil. If it feels dry, water the plant until the water drains from the bottom of the pot. Avoid overwatering, as it can lead to root rot.

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